Templated growth of gold satellites on dimpled silica cores


Chomette, C. ; Duguet, E. ; Mornet, S. ; Yammine, E. ; Manoharan, V. N. ; Schade, N. B. ; Hubert, C. ; Ravaine, S. ; Perro, A. ; Treguer-Delapierre, M. Templated growth of gold satellites on dimpled silica cores. Faraday Discussions 2016, 191, 105-116.


We synthesize robust clusters of gold satellites positioned with tetrahedral symmetry on the surface of a patchy silica core by adsorption and growth of gold on the patches. First we conduct emulsion polymerization of styrene in the presence of 52 nm silica seeds whose surface has been modified with methacryloxymethyltriethoxysilane (MMS). We derive four-dimple particles from the resulting silica/polystyrene tetrapods. Polystyrene chains are covalently bound to the silica surface within the dimples due to the MMS grafts and they may be thiolated to induce adsorption of 12 nm gold particles. Using chloroauric acid, ascorbic acid and sodium citrate at room temperature, we grow gold from these 12 nm seeds without detachment from or deformation of the dimpled silica surface. We obtain gold satellites of tunable diameter up to 140 nm.

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