Graduates of the group

Steven Ahn

Steven Ahn

Formerly an undergraduate researcher, recieved PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Brown University. Currently an Advanced Scientist with Owens...

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Dina Aronzon

Formerly a graduate researcher, currently product manager at Harvard Business Review.

Justin Caram

Formerly an undergraduate researcher, currently a postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Cyril Chomette

PhD 2015, University of Bordeaux

Cyril was a PhD student at the University of Bordeaux. He was co-advised by Vinny. He worked on chemical synthesis of 3D plasmonic clusters for metafluids,...

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Jesse W. Collins

Jesse W. Collins

PhD Applied Physics 2014

Jesse studied self-assembly of colloidal spheres; he is now a research scholar at the Weitz lab in Harvard.

Jesse Day

Formerly an REU student, currently a graduate student at University of California, Berkeley. 

Laura A. DeLorenzo

Formerly an REU student, currently a PhD candidate at California Institute of Technology.

Rachel Feynman

Rachel Feynman

Research Intern

Rachel worked as  research intern working on the artificial cells project, exploring the influence of micromotors on the kinetics of...

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McKay 530, 9 Oxford St
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-9894
Jerome Fung

Jerome Fung

PhD Physics 2013

Jerome, currently a lecturer in Physics at Wellesely College, did his PhD research on measuring 3D Dynamics of Multiple Colloidal Particles with...

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Alex Gough

Formerly a high school student intern.