Former visitors

Cyril Chomette

PhD 2015, University of Bordeaux

Cyril was a PhD student at the University of Bordeaux. He was co-advised by Vinny. He worked on chemical synthesis of 3D plasmonic clusters for metafluids,...

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Da-Young Kang

Da-Young was a visiting graduate student from Sogang University. She worked in the lab from 2014-2015. 

Kenji Katayama

Professor of Applied Chemistry, Chuo University

Kenji Katayama was a visitor from Chuo University, Tokyo. His group works on developing microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. 

Cheol-ho Kim

Cheol-ho was a visiting graduate student from Sogang University who worked at Manoharan lab during Fall 2015. 

Jennifer J. McManus

Lecturer, Maynooth University

Jennifer was a visiting scholar studying protein condensation and phase diagrams. She did experiments in the lab in Spring 2016. 

Jun Hyuk Moon

Jun Hyuk Moon

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Sogang University

Jun Hyuk was a visiting scholar from South Korea, his research focuses on colloidal materials for energy device applications.