Self-Assembly of Polyhedral Hybrid Colloidal Particles


Perro, A. ; Duguet, E. ; Ravaine, S. ; Manoharan, V. N. Self-Assembly of Polyhedral Hybrid Colloidal Particles. MRS Proceedings, 2009, 1135, 1135-CC06-08.


We have developed a new method to produce hybrid particles with polyhedral shapes in very high yield (liter quantities at up to 70% purity) using a combination of emulsion polymerization and inorganic surface chemistry. The procedure has been generalized to create complex geometries, including hybrid line segments, triangles, tetrahedra, octahedra, and more. The optical properties of these particles are tailored for studying their dynamics and self-assembly. For example, we produce systems that consist of index-matched spheres allowing us to define the position of each elementary particle in three-dimensional space. We present some preliminary studies on the self-assembly of these complex shaped systems based on electron and optical microscopy.

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