Bayesian approach to analyzing holograms of colloidal particles


Dimiduk, T. G. ; Manoharan, V. N. Bayesian approach to analyzing holograms of colloidal particles. Optics Express 2016, 24, 24045–24060.

Date Published:

17 Oct 2016


We demonstrate a Bayesian approach to tracking and characterizing colloidal particles from in-line digital holograms. We model the formation of the hologram using Lorenz-Mie theory. We then use a tempered Markov-chain Monte Carlo method to sample the posterior probability distributions of the model parameters: particle position, size, and refractive index. Compared to least-squares fitting, our approach allows us to more easily incorporate prior information about the parameters and to obtain more accurate uncertainties, which are critical for both particle tracking and characterization experiments. Our approach also eliminates the need to supply accurate initial guesses for the parameters, so it requires little tuning.

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