Rachel Feynman

Rachel Feynman

Research Intern

Rachel worked as  research intern working on the artificial cells project, exploring the influence of micromotors on the kinetics of...

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McKay 530, 9 Oxford St
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-9894
Jerome Fung

Jerome Fung

PhD Physics 2013

Jerome, currently a lecturer in Physics at Wellesely College, did his PhD research on measuring 3D Dynamics of Multiple Colloidal Particles with...

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Alex Gough

Formerly a high school student intern.

Elizabeth Jerison

Formerly an REU student, currently a physics graduate student at Harvard University

Anna Klales

Formerly an REU student while an undergraduate at Haverford College, now a physics graduate student at Harvard University.

Daniel Kunz

Daniel Kunz

Former postdoc

Daniel was a postdoctoral researcher and now a laboratory manager at BASF.

Kosta Ladavac

Kosta Ladavac

Former research associate

Kosta was formerly a postdoctoral researcher. He is now a senior scientist at E-Ink Corporation.