Congratulations, Dr. Goldfain!

July 17, 2018
Aaron has sucessfully defended his thesis "Using Interferometric Scattering Microscopy to Study the Dynamics of Viruses". Congratulations!
Photo of Hot Blue Cotingas volleyball team

Cotingas take flight

July 9, 2018

CAMBRIDGE, MASS, Jul 9 - The official volleyball team of the Manoharan group, known as the "Hot Blue Cotingas," won their Rhino League match today in two sets. Middle hitter and vice-captain Solomon said it was "a dominant performance from start to finish" for the Cotingas.

The game ball went to team captain and manager Annie for devising and executing what outside hitter Victoria called "a flawless game plan." Annie gave credit to her teammates. "We really...

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Colour Me... Structurally?

May 11, 2018
Victoria continues the podcast circuit as a guest on Science for the People. Have a listen to learn more about her work on structual color.
Soft Colors from Another Planet

Annie takes home top Science as Art prize at AP Fest 2018!

May 4, 2018

Congrast to Annie for winning 1st place in the Science as Art competition at the 2018 Applied Physics Festival at Harvard!

Her photo shows polystyrene nanospheres in a polycrystalline arrangement that gives rise to iridescent structural color. The image was captured through the eyepiece of a microscope, which is why we see a circular field of view surrounded by darkness, resembling a planet in space. The name of the piece is "Soft Colors from Another Planet", inspired by the album "Soft Sounds from Another Planet" by Japanese Breakfast. 

Tim, Emily, and Nabila win teaching awards!

March 23, 2018
Tim, Emily, and Nabila have received Distinction in Teaching Awards—Tim for Applied Physics 50, Emily for Engineering Sciences 220, and Nabila for Computer Science 365. Congratulations to all three!

Annie and Victoria do a podcast about birds!

February 16, 2018
Annie and Victoria were invited to speak on the Harvard GSAS podcast Veritalk! Make sure to listen to them talk about their work on structural color and and bird feathers.